S-Browser (English)

Software interface:

  1. The title bar shows the name of the software and the current version number.
  2. The left panel allows you to navigate through your different folders and subfolders, as well as your drives (CD / DVD / USB / Network…)
  3. The center panel displays all supported audio files with the software and depending on the file type selected (see #4)
  4. File type selector (WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, MIDI or all supported audio files), it allows you to filter the display of files contained in the central panel (see #3)
  5. Display the duration of the title played as well as its progression represented by a horizontal bar.
  6. Volume adjustment (in percentage),
  7. The icon resets to the default volume.
  8. Adjusting the reading speed (in percentage)
  9. The icon resets at the default speed.
  10. Loop to infinity the title played.
  11. Activate / deactivate the pause of the played title.
  12. Go to the online help page. This icon is disabled if an internet connection does not exist.
  13. Access the software settings (Choice of language and light or dark theme, checking for available updates…)
  14. Displays a direct link to the location of the read file. The small triangle at the bottom right of the window resizes the software freely.